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Why We're Here

Finding the time and securing the financial resources can be barriers to learning a new clinical or communication skill set.  Attending a single day of Motivational Interviewing training can cost an individual upwards of $300-$500 and supervision can cost anywhere from $100-$250 per hour!

The Motivational Interviewing Learning Alliance (MILA) was created as a solution to this problem.  MILA is an affordable platform that aims to create a community of individuals who aspire to learn and integrate Motivational Interviewing into their work practices.

Benefits of Enlisting in MILA

As a member, you'll engage in daily learning exercises, have opportunities to connect, support, and learn from other members, and engage in online learning tutorials and webinars.

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Daily Exercises

As a member, you'll have the ability to engage in a daily exercise designed to develop a particular skill or technique.  Each new day builds on the previous day leading towards proficiency.


Consultation & Coaching

As a member, you'll have opportunities to share your experiences of learning and applying MI, engage in general discussion, and hear from MI experts and the MILA learning community.


Webinars / Tutorials

As a member, you'll have access to new, weekly videos or webinars that provide insight into the nature and application of MI, as well as how to integrate MI with special populations.

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Proficiency doesn't happen in a single day of training.  Join now to start building your MI knowledge and skill base as a member of the MILA community.

Membership subscriptions can be purchased on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or paid in full for a year at a discounted rate.